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Weigh-in Day

on February 23, 2013

It’s Saturday! Today I am down just half a block of butter. But its still down!

This week I have been switching up my exercising which I believe has led to an increase in muscle, hence, not as big a victory on the scale even though I feel I’ve lost more. My clothes are fitting looser for one. What I did instead of working out at a moderate speed for a full 30-45 minutes every day, about midweek I started doing two 15-minute workouts at a more intense level. This came about somewhat by accident when I had a day that I knew would not allow me to spend an hour in the basement and I had to break it up into smaller chunks of time. I found I could “feel the burn” throughout the day longer when I worked out harder and multiple times and I kinda got hooked on the feeling. I was also strength training every other day.

This coming week I think I may try an alternating approach, 1 day a moderate 30+ minute bike ride, the next 2 intense short and so on.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, you can now subscribe to get an e-mail notification from my blog. I think it sends it out a specific time, not necessarily right after I write a post but if you’re looking for something to remind you to come back and read, it’s above my little profile picture on the right.

Happy Saturday everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

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