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Weigh-In Day, Week 8

on March 16, 2013

Howdy folks! I think all the snow this week has finally frozen my brain cells, but hey! My lack of writing here has led to some cleaning in my house! Some long over-due cleaning. We moved an old piano out that has been here since my hubby was a boy and yikes, those were some giant dust-bunnies! I guess somehow cleaning them up got me in the mood for a little housecleaning so I ended up dusting everything, cleaning the windows and some walls that appeared to have milk splashed all over them, thank you children.

Anyway, you’re not here to read about my adventures in housecleaning. You’re here to find out whether or not I’ve had a good week, right? Well, I did. Down 2.5 lb. this week for a total of 9 lb. in 8 weeks. Consistency pays off in the end my friend.



Find a good balance of eating healthy MOST of the time, with wiggle room for either meals on the go or the odd splurge and be consistent. You won’t feel deprived if you let yourself off the hook a little here and there and you’ll have better long-term success. You probably won’t have fast or even weekly results, but you’ll be able to stick to your plan much longer than someone who crash diets, which often leads to binges.

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  1. Susan Siemens says:

    WAY TO GO SARA!!!!!

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