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Weigh-In Day, Week 37

on October 5, 2013

Well, here it is a week later and I have managed not to gain or lose again. Well, that’s not entirely true, I did gain at the beginning of the week and then worked my but off the last two days to reverse the damage. Ugh. That was stupid. Not the working hard to reverse it part but the part about not working at it sooner in the week.

This was, once again, one of those weeks where it felt as though everything was stacking up against me, not allowing me the time to exercise or the will power to not give in to convenient, not-so-healthy food. I began my practicum at the end of last week, which I am loving by the way, except for the fact that to complete 5 hours a day of transcription work with small children in the house, it means getting up around the 5am-ish hour, working through naptime, and finishing up what I didn’t get done at night. While at the same time there still remains produce to be canned, a house to be taken care of, kids to be loved, observed and “dealt with” if you know what I mean. Harvest season is not yet over and weather has not been cooperative on that front. I know I will have haters for saying this but, as soon as harvest is done anyway, I can hardly wait for winter to settle in and things to slip back into a routine.

But of course with this cooler weather comes…Anniversary! Birthdays! Thanksgiving! Halloween candy (we don’t celebrate Halloween but we do enjoy the day -after candy sales)! Christmas! And with all those occasions comes FOOD!!! Have you started strategizing how to make it through the onslaught we’re about to enter with gaining back everything you’ve worked hard to lose, while still enjoying yourself? It’s a difficult one. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for it yet but I better get myself ready. I really don’t need to start right back at the beginning come March 2014.

Here’s hoping to a better week for me, and a great week for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, if you’re reading, I’d really love to hear from you as it helps to keep me going.

2 Responses to “Weigh-In Day, Week 37”

  1. Helena says:

    Hey Sara,
    Can’t believe I missed checking in last week. I’ll blame it on the busyness of 8 lovely overnight guests for the weekend and then saying goodbye to my wisdom teeth this week. 🙂
    My biggest downfall is breads and baked goods…I love homemade breads, cookies, brownies, pies, etc. If it’s store-bought, it’s not a big temptation.
    When it comes to those tasty high-calorie beverages, I can say no quite easily because I prefer to eat my calories instead of drinking them. So I’d rather eat a piece of pie with a glass of water than drink a mocha or hot chocolate.
    Keep on trucking, sister! You’re doing great!

  2. LInda says:

    Sara, I’m proud of you for what you’re doing…. a lot to keep you busy, still working hard to lose weight.

    My downfall is not having a proper routine, which includes lack of exercise, evening snacking, not enough water…. Time to get at it!

    Have a good week!

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