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Weigh-In Day, Week 30

on August 26, 2013

Hey! I forgot something on Saturday, did you notice?

Maybe I didn’t want to tell you that I am up another pound. Or maybe I just ran out of time. Either way, I was up another pound.

It was an interesting week. I started off bound and determined to lose the pound I had gained the week before. I exercised well on Monday. Then I started exercising on Tuesday and then I gave myself an injury. I have a sprained? strained? ligament in my knee and my daughter no longer has a trampoline. Well, technically she still has a trampoline but if she tried jumping on she’d slip through the massive hole and probably hurt herself. Oops. Old trampoline + big girl = ouch.

So, as it were, I spent a good deal of time this week with my leg up and had a few too many moments of eating more of things I should have eaten less of. I’m not sure when exactly my knee is going to let me get back into full work out mode but I’ll be attempting some lighter exercises (i.e. not jumping on anything) this week and in the meantime, being extra cautious of my food choices so to make up for the less calories burned.

Let’s turn this trend around.

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