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Weigh-In Day, Week 25

on July 13, 2013

Holding steady at 232 this week, amazing considering date night last Saturday was burgers and fries from Five Guys (I hadn’t had a burger in soooo long and I think I may have been moaning the entire time I was eating it) plus another date night with all 3 of my sisters-in-law last night for some amazing Thai food followed by “The Lone Ranger.” Not that the Lone Ranger would have caused weight gain or loss. Maybe a loss, it was kinda funny after all.

I do allow myself the occasional splurge, especially when I am working really hard. I have heard that sometimes having a high calorie day (very seldom) can also help to “shock” your metabolism and keep you moving. Don’t know if its true or not so please don’t quote me on that…and please don’t use it as an excuse to have a high calorie day every week. Maybe one a month.

This weeks goal for me, break 230, maybe even get to 229 and get out of the thirties altogether. Now to make it through another social/BBQ filled weekend without overdoing it…


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  1. Barb Wohlford says:

    I feel for you, I do the same at the lake each weekend eat and drink to much, then to start it all over again on Monday.

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