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Weigh-In Day, Week 19

on June 1, 2013

IMG_0301June 1st and down 2 pounds this week. Woohoo! My weight-loss tip of the week? Plant a garden the size of a football field and take care of a Texas-sized lawn while chasing after a 1 1/2 year old and keeping an eye on a 3 year-old who is intent on teaching the new kittens how to dance and always gets a pile of dirt/sand in her hair by the end of each day.

Food-wise, I do mostly find it easier to eat healthy in the warm months because hot, creamy comfort foods hold less appeal to me then and cold, crunchy fresh foods are more appealing. One of my favourite things to eat right now is a salad where, I cut up and section an orange in the plate/bowl i’ll be using for the salad, so that all the juices stay on the plate, add some romaine, and toss to coat with the juice from the orange. Add slice berries, almonds, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. No dressing. The sweetness from all the fruit and the light coating of orange juice is perfect. Sometimes I throw in chicken if I have some cooked. I love this salad.

Speaking of salads, shortly after I began weight watchers last year, I discovered I didn’t really care for most salads. I just liked the toppings and dressings. Take those away and substitute a big bowl fool of raw veg with light dressing and I’d eat it, but I wouldn’t really enjoy it. I prefer most of my vegetables (except lettuce of course), cooked. So this spring I’ve been experimenting with salads beginning with a base of romaine or spinach, and adding fruits instead of veggies and I have rediscovered a love for salads. If the fruits I’m using don’t provide enough juice to be a dressing, then I use raspberry vinaigrette, which is usually fat-free anyway. Adding nuts and seeds to a salad also makes it more filling. The biggest problem with salads for me is that they make me feel full for 5 minutes and then I’m ravenous. Adding the fruits and nuts seem to make it more filling for longer.

Because our farm life is so crazy right now, I have to actually make sure I eat throughout the day because it is tempting to just work hard and not break for food. So I make sure to keep lots of healthy, quick, grab-and-go options available. Cottage cheese, turkey pepperoni sticks, whole wheat tortillas and ingredients for a quick wrap, fruits and veggies. We’ve been eating watermelon like its going out of style.

So here’s to another week of working hard and making progress. Progress certainly doesn’t happen when you’re sitting back and doing nothing.



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