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Weigh-In Day

on November 16, 2013

Hey friends, I still haven’t figured everything out but being on an almost fluids-only diet most of the week, thanks to the lovely sore throat that came for a visit, remembering not to just gorge on food the minute I could handle swallowing ( I was sooooo hungry) and have an exercise jam session with my kids yesterday, I did manage to get back down to 228 this week. I so wish I was confident enough to video myself exercising and the kids with me, it is that funny. Yes, me exercising looks funny AND the kids exercising is adorably funning, particularly my boys push ups. The kid already has a six pack. He just turned two. Sick.

Anyway, I’m hanging in there and hoping I can get fast enough at my new MT job that it will stop consuming every hour of every day and actually let me get other things accomplished every once in a while.


2 Responses to “Weigh-In Day”

  1. Heather says:

    All the best Sara. Hope you’re feeling better. What’s your job? I feel like I should know what MT stands for…..

    • Little Mama says:

      MT stands for Medical Transcriptionist. I just completed my schooling and recently got hired. I work from home, typing up medical reports for doctors at a specific hospital that I have been assigned to. It’s a great job for a stay-at-home mom as it allows flexibility with WHEN you work, but it is definitely difficult to get in the required time each week when the day is full of interruptions and there are only so many quiet hours in day!

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