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Time To Come Back!

on April 21, 2015

Hey! It’s been a while! Like a long while. Like long enough to have had a baby while. I admit, I’m disappointed I let myself get this far off track before coming back (stress + pregnancy will do that to you sometimes) but I am coming back and in the end, I think that is what matters.

Since I last posted, we have added a cuddly, cute little boy to our family. He has been a sweet addition and we love him to bits. Our daughter has almost completed a year of Pre-K in our local public school and the big boy keeps us on our toes at all times.

My three cutie-pies.

My three cutie-pies.

Today, I started my morning with my first official workout of the year and wow, yeah, out of shape doesn’t begin to describe it but that’s okay, a blob is sort of a shape and I’m committed to working on un-blobbing myself.

I have been mulling over the idea of gastric bypass surgery sometime in the next year or two, I’m still gathering information on this and welcome any feedback from any of you who have gone this route. I don’t relish the thought of another surgery (3 c-sections has been plenty in the surgical procedure department) but as I was working so hard to lose weight before giving in to the stress I was going through at the time, I had a few talks with my doctor and others about the lack of results from my efforts and this kept coming up as the possibly needed element in order to both reach my weight loss goals and keep them once I reach there. My genes are just not wired to get rid of weight once I have it, so my doctor tells me, hence I typically am rewarded half the results for twice the effort of my fellow weight-losers. So this is something I am thinking about, considering and might do after I am done breastfeeding the little man, so not for at least another 8 months or so – plenty of time to do what I can with the strength and willpower God has already given me.

So here I am, April 21, 2015, almost 3 months post c-section, back at 260 pounds (thankfully still 30 pounds away from my all-time high!) and wanting to get back into the jeans I was in before this pregnancy among other things, like having my lower back pain under control.

So who’s ready to cheer me on? Better yet, who’s ready to join me and get back into health? See you on the journey!

The three that make me "Mom"

The three that make me “Mom”

One Response to “Time To Come Back!”

  1. Susan says:

    You go girl!! I plan to start on the track of getting rid of some shape and feel better as soon as this tax season is caught up and over.

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