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Still At It!

on November 30, 2015

With three little ones underfoot, spare time is scarce and hard to find these days but just an update to say I’m still at my efforts to keep at regular workouts and mindful, healthy eating. I am now down 21 pounds since re-boarding this bandwagon and I am happy with how things are going. Slow but steady and heading in the right direction. In 15 pounds I will be down to the lowest weight I reached before becoming pregnant the last time. Seems like a good goal to reach before setting my sights on the next one.

I had a conversation with my kids at lunch yesterday. We often talk about foods and whether they are healthy, not at all healthy, or okay to consume in moderation and still be somewhat healthy. This time we talked about sugar and butter. How our body uses both and why “fat” is good for us in the right forms and amounts and isn’t what actually makes us fat but how sugar really is never good for us except for our enjoyment sometimes and how our body converts sugar to fat. The fact that my son also has poor teeth, our sugar conversations serve a two-fold purpose! Helping them to understand that treats occasionally are fun but are purely for the sake of a sensory enjoyment, not nutritional in any sense of the word and that is why we don’t have dessert or sugar drinks with every meal. I am still completely honest with my kids about how my poor choices and lack of understanding of healthy eating led to my obesity and why it is important, health wise, that I now treat my condition with proper nutrition and exercise. Whether or not I ever get “skinny” is not the point.

Remember way back when I said my daughter didn’t notice I was overweight yet, I was just her mom and it was just the way things were? I know, that was ages ago. My baby girl is almost 6 years old now and let’s just say, she’s not so oblivious anymore but it has led to some great conversations about health and body image. I am already noticing the negative influence of peers and media and the emphasis on being skinny but hopefully the messages I’m sending her on healthfulness and how our value is not rooted in our weight or what we look like will take root and overpower the negative messages she’s already hearing.

After this conversation, I made sure to repeat to my kids, it doesn’t matter what size any person is though, everyone is special and everyone is beautiful. To see if they grasped the concept, I asked if God loved skinny people most or “fat” people the most? Who was most special to God? I am so thankful that both of my kids answered that God loves both the same!

Hopefully, so will they.

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  1. Tina says:

    I love that both of them understand that Jesus loves us all the same. I enjoy talking with my children and the young Sunday School children about Our LORD and how he loves each one of us even though we might be so different. Teaching good healthy choices also starts at a young age.
    You are a good mama!

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