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On becoming stronger…

on May 23, 2013

Ah yes, remember back in the never-ending winter when I said I was looking forward to the warmer months because of, well, the warmth and yet I was dreading it because of how busy it would be? Well, that time is here. Hence, very little time for posting anything about anything here or anywhere. I keep telling myself that these years of toddler/babyhood will eventually pass and the children will become independent enough to occupy themselves “safely” without me having to keep a hawk’s eye on them to make sure they don’t run on the road, get trampled by a cow or stick their hand in an auger. I’m slowly learning to let go of the fact that if we are outside, they WILL play with and eat dirt. I don’t care so much about them playing in the dirt as I feel exhausted just thinking about having to clean them up after. There is NOT time to add a bath to every day yet too.

Anyway, I don’t know why I went on that rant, I was going to write about something else. On Monday, my lovely mother-in-law and I tackled a big garden project that will hopefully make the remainder of the summer a little easier to manage. We laid sheets of black plastic (the stuff farmer-hubby uses to cover silage) over the entire garden and then had to dig trenches and bury all the edges so it wouldn’t blow away. I thought the job would maybe take the whole morning…it took all day and into evening. So thankful my sister-in-law offered to take the kids off my hands for the day, even though it was her birthday, or it would have taken a week to finish that job.

So as we were digging, I kept noticing things about myself. Things that would have been very different even last summer, and all the summers before that. As we dug, and dumped and spread and pulled and pushed and moved, I did not get winded. My arms did not get tired. Even though my eyes were tired and wanted to go to sleep by the end of the day, my body could have kept going with the work. It was hard work. But I could do it and not feel completely done in by the end of it! I was only mildly sore the next day and that wore off quickly.

My point is this, sometimes the effects of exercise are not all visible. Sometimes we get discouraged because we can’t see our body changing as quickly as we’d like, or in the places that we’d like. But then we go and complete a task that, before training our body with exercise, would have left us huffing and puffing and unable to move after an hour or two. So yeah, I was encouraged by my stamina on Monday and the fact that exercising has helped me to become a stronger person, as well as a less overweight person.

Now, if only there was a way to exercise the body out of needing sleep so I could get over this sleep deprivation exhaustion to continue on with my 18+ hour days and -6 hour nights.

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  1. Lendy says:

    Reading this post really made me smile….several points I noticed…
    1. you are a mother who watches over her children
    2. family (extended family…not just husband and children) is a great part of your life
    3. all the positive effects from your journey (ex…stronger mentally & physically)

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