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It’s a long road…

on March 21, 2013

While I’ve known all along that losing the amount of weight I need to lose, over 100 pounds, would be a long journey, there are some days the road seems longer than others. I am looking forward to the day that I can look back instead of ahead – the road always seems shorter at that end!

This morning I spent an hour on my bike. I’ve been alternating 3 days a week exercising for an hour, 3 days exercising multiple (2-3) “short” sessions of 15-20 minutes on the bike plus 10 minutes of arm strength/weight training. To be honest, I’m not SEEING much benefit from all this exercise yet. I feel it, but I don’t see it. And some days all I see is the amount of work that piles up because I’ve made exercise a priority in my life. I wonder sometimes if I’m accomplishing much, if my priorities are in the right place. Should I be taking the time to exercise 6 days a week at the expense of household duties? Or should I be making sure my house is in order before I take the “personal” time to exercise? Some days it feels as though the only things I accomplish are getting my family fed and the exercise, then I feel guilty because my floor is covered with toys and crumbs. Although, this past Saturday I did a pretty thorough housecleaning and used that as my exercise for the day, earning 11 activity points by spending 1.5 hours with the vacuum, then mopping, dusting, cleaning windows and bathrooms.

Housework has its own challenges too, though. I may have the time for it, but I do have 2 small children in the house. Have you ever tried vacuuming when one child is sitting on the hose, “riding” along while the other is constantly trying to pull it from the wall and disengage the vacuum? How about cleaning toys up on the floor so you CAN vacuum and having two little people follow right behind and drop 2 toys for every 1 you pick up. They can leave a toy alone for an entire week but the moment you decide to clean it up it becomes the most prized possession in the house that must be kept on display…in the middle of the kitchen floor. Try sweeping the floor after breakfast to have your 1-year-old drop his plate of toast, deliberately, crumbs and all on the floor?

Crazy time with the little crazies.

Crazy time with the little crazies.

But exercise is really important to me. For one, it gives me at least one moment of the day where I can be completely by myself. Baby-boy is usually napping, baby-girl usually settled in front of the tely with something educational I’m sure. I get to watch non-educational-purely-entertainment-not-even-remotely-for-children shows/movies on my laptop and just let my brain rest while my body does some work. I honestly believe this alone time has been beneficial to my sanity in the last couple of months.

Another reason why I want to stay active is because being fit is as important to me in the long run as being slimmer. I don’t want to lose weight by diet alone because I’d be nothing but a bunch of skinny flab, not to mention it would take so much longer. I know if I continue to improve my fitness, the fat will follow. I don’t think a person can be fit and active and stay fat…correct me if I’m wrong on that one.

So I think I shall continue with my exercise, even if it means the house is messy. Maybe by the time I reach my goal the kids will be old enough to do the housework for me. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Crazy #2

Crazy #2


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Get active! Get moving! The best way to quit being lazy to have an attitude adjustment and just do it. If you’re waiting for the day when you’ll have more energy to become active, that day is never coming. The funny thing about energy is that you have be active to get the energy to be more active. So get up off the couch and do something that makes your heart pump and your pits sweat. Its so much more glamorous than it sounds.

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  1. Barb Wohlford says:

    I think what you are doing is amazing, I found it hard to find me time when my boys where young. You need alone time and if you want to use it exercising I am impressed, some would grab a cup of tea and veg. You are great inspiration to everyone. Keep at it you will see the difference and be happy about it. I love the idea to house clean one day for exercise.

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