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I wish…

on March 18, 2013

I wish I had always been slim.

I wish I had learned to eat a healthy diet as a kid.

I wish I had learned to play sports as a kid.

I wish I would have chosen to see where my physical state was going and changed course before it was “too late.”

I wish I would have decided to change that course even after it felt like it was too late, 10 or 15 years ago.

I wish I didn’t have such big arms.

I wish I could look at myself naked in the mirror with pride and not tears.

I wish I could feel free instead of trapped in this body.

I wish I could really believe I am beautiful in my husband’s eyes.

I wish I could have had a nice round baby-belly with both of my pregnancies, and not just an expansion of the fat belly.

I wish the snow was gone.

I wish I could shop at all the same stores as my friends and find great deals on clothes.

I wish I could get excited to shop for clothes.

I wish Starbucks beverages were all 0-points – the original versions, not skinny.

I wish there was no such thing as artificial sweetener.

I wish I hadn’t eaten so much of my brother-in-law’s amazing risotto last night.

I wish I could eat more of my brother-in-law’s amazing risotto now.

A year from now, I do NOT want to say, “I wish I had stayed on plan and kept losing weight.”


What are you wishing?





7 Responses to “I wish…”

  1. Ana says:

    i wish I had your motivation and determination. And I also wish all Starbucks drinks had 0 point value, or anything coffee related for that matter.

    • Little Mama says:

      You don’t need my motivation and determination, you have your own…you just need to find it. 🙂 I say we protest the whole coffee beverages for 0 points thing.

  2. Linda says:

    I wish….. I had lost more weight after my babies… And that I had more self-control…. But I do NOT wish for a more beautiful daughter-in-law! She’s beautiful as she is, inside & out!!

  3. Tina says:

    Sara, you are a beautiful sister to me, I just wish we could get together more often, but hey! We got to see each other this year already and I am thankful for that!
    All your wishing reminded me of something I saved long ago. There was no author mentioned.

    Do You Wish:

    Do you wish you would wake up tomorrow morning to discover that the person you loved most passionately (Jesus) loved you even more?

    Do you wish you would wake up hearing music you have always loved but had never heard with such infinite joy before?

    Do you wish you would rise to the new day as if you were just discovering the Pacific Ocean?

    Do you wish you would wake up without feeling guilty about anything at all?

    Do you wish you could see to the very core of yourself, and like everything you see?

    Do you wish you would wake up breathing God as if He were air? Loving to love Him and everybody else in the bargain?

    “I go to prepare a place for you,” Jesus told His disciples (John 14:2).

    We all share the desire–really a deep down yearning–to be in that glorious home forever. It is a place of indescribable bliss.
    And the supreme blessing will be the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself!

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