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Continuing to change my world…

on August 19, 2013

So to continue my thought from the other day, the one where we need to separate our ideas of weight loss from appearance and associate it with health instead, so we also need to separate personal value from physique.

Let me start with a little pep talk. You are beautiful because you are you. You are a human being, created by a God who loves the things he creates and creates all things beautiful. Your beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how you appear to your culture. You. Are. Beautiful. End of story. Well, end of this paragraph.

We’ve been taught to place our value on how we think we look or how we perceive others look at us, but there is no real value or truth in this shallow mindset. Our appearance does not and cannot dictate our value or our feeling of self-worth. We must overcome this lie straight from the mouth of Satan. If God intended our value to be placed on our appearance, what sort of cruel being would He be to place so called “ugly” people in our culture? No, I do not believe God ever intended for men to be judged by their physical appearance. Nor do I believe He intended for women to stand in front of a mirror and condemn themselves for the very things He created.

Fellow women, I challenge you to live in your bodies with confidence. Set aside the lies that hold you back from believing you are beautiful. If you need to lose weight to regain your health, begin to work at it. But do it for your health, do it as an act of worship and thankfulness in caring for the very temple of God, not for a false perception of value or beauty.

Because you are already valuable. You are already beautiful.


4 Responses to “Continuing to change my world…”

  1. Noreen says:

    Like! Like! Like! And totally agree with!

    • Little Mama says:

      Don’t websites and texts without a “like” button just frustrate you?! They do me. What has Facebook done to us. đŸ™‚

  2. Tina says:

    The lies us women believe are like balls & chains that we allowed Satan to attach to us. Most often, we aren’t even aware of it until after we’ve struggled for a long time and then someone else points it out to us.
    I’m so glad that I have experienced the Love of Jesus.
    That He accepts me the way I am, gives me strength to change the things about me that need it, and therefor, I cannot do otherwise but accept all of you for who you are Him!
    Now this makes me want to sing!
    Jesus sets me absolutely free
    He died on Calvary, to give me liberty
    Jesus sets me absolutely free
    Praise His holy name.
    That’s enough to make me sing (2)
    My sins are all forgiven
    And I’m on my way to heaven
    That’s enough to make me (2)
    That’s enough to make me sing!

    • Little Mama says:

      Tina, I always love your cheery comments. You’re the best biggest (as in the oldest, not literally the biggest, that’s me) sister ever.

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