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Still At It!

With three little ones underfoot, spare time is scarce and hard to find these days but just an update to say I’m still at my efforts to keep at regular workouts and mindful, healthy eating. I am now down 21 pounds since re-boarding this bandwagon and I am happy with how things are going. Slow but steady and heading in the right direction. In 15 pounds I will be down to the lowest weight I reached before becoming pregnant the last time. Seems like a good goal to reach before setting my sights on the next one.

I had a conversation with my kids at lunch yesterday. We often talk about foods and whether they are healthy, not at all healthy, or okay to consume in moderation and still be somewhat healthy. This time we talked about sugar and butter. How our body uses both and why “fat” is good for us in the right forms and amounts and isn’t what actually makes us fat but how sugar really is never good for us except for our enjoyment sometimes and how our body converts sugar to fat. The fact that my son also has poor teeth, our sugar conversations serve a two-fold purpose! Helping them to understand that treats occasionally are fun but are purely for the sake of a sensory enjoyment, not nutritional in any sense of the word and that is why we don’t have dessert or sugar drinks with every meal. I am still completely honest with my kids about how my poor choices and lack of understanding of healthy eating led to my obesity and why it is important, health wise, that I now treat my condition with proper nutrition and exercise. Whether or not I ever get “skinny” is not the point.

Remember way back when I said my daughter didn’t notice I was overweight yet, I was just her mom and it was just the way things were? I know, that was ages ago. My baby girl is almost 6 years old now and let’s just say, she’s not so oblivious anymore but it has led to some great conversations about health and body image. I am already noticing the negative influence of peers and media and the emphasis on being skinny but hopefully the messages I’m sending her on healthfulness and how our value is not rooted in our weight or what we look like will take root and overpower the negative messages she’s already hearing.

After this conversation, I made sure to repeat to my kids, it doesn’t matter what size any person is though, everyone is special and everyone is beautiful. To see if they grasped the concept, I asked if God loved skinny people most or “fat” people the most? Who was most special to God? I am so thankful that both of my kids answered that God loves both the same!

Hopefully, so will they.

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Guess What I’ve Been Up To?

I’ve been a little sneaky lately. Losing weight behind your back. I’m really not all that sorry for it either.

I’m happy to say I have a new accountability partner in place as well as a plan to keep on track. I am using my resources from Weight Watchers though I am not currently an active subscriber, along with my trusty old bike until my knees are ready to handle more vigorous exercising.

So far I’m down 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Not too shabby I say.

Here’s to getting back in gear and to great accountability partners!

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Hey! So I’ve done a couple of weigh-ins since my last post and I have not lost nor gained…but I also have not gone hardcore in making positive changes yet, working on small steps at the moment as I figure this 3 kids thing out. I have become more active, managing to get a workout in on some days and beginning the yard work on others. My back and leg muscles are telling me that they are getting used more and not very sure they like it yet. They don’t have much choice. I have also been making more of an attempt to put healthier food on the table than I had been for a while. Lots of room for improvement there too.

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Weigh-In Day

Hello? Anybody out there? Anybody?

Were you asking me the same thing last week? Notice I didn’t post?

The last couple of weeks have been riddled with illness, overly long “To-Do” lists, time away at a women’s conference and living on the brink of exhaustion. It’s been causing me to question and reevaluate some priorities in my life.

I am currently maintaining my weight in the 227-230 range from week to week. I am able to maintain it and not gain everything I just worked so hard to lose by being cautious of what I eat and trying to throw in exercise when I can. But its hard. I’d give just about anything for a heaping plate of poutine right now. Except for the gross feeling I’d have after I ate it.

I need to slow down and I am trying to find which areas of my life I can cut things out of in order to do that. Living on 5-6 hours of sleep a night and trying to cram in too much in my days has really run me down and I just cannot physically keep up with this pace.

While I am not in full-on weight loss mode right now while I figure this all out, you can bet your boots I will not be letting myself slide backwards to the weight I came from.  Uh uh. I am NOT going back there. And you don’t have to either, no matter what life throws at you, you can still make your health a priority.

Sometimes you might need to take a break from losing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain. Actually, these seasons of plateau in your weight loss journey should be helping to prepare you for when you reach your weight loss goal. You can’t go back to the way you used to be or you’ll end right back where you used to be. But sometimes we all need a break, especially if your journey is going to be as long as mine and during those seasons, don’t give up, don’t go backwards, practice self-control, rest, collect yourself, and you will know when the time comes to put your all back into it.

I am still here, and I thrive on the encouragement of others, both giving and receiving, so please stop by and leave a note. I also thrive on gift giving/receiving…feel free to speak my love languages accordingly. 😉


Weigh-In Day, Week 40

What can I say? Apparently I can maintain weight like a pro. Another week of holding steady at 229, in spite of efforts to ramp up workouts and eating well and cautiously. I’ve either got a major plateau going on or some other issue but either way, I am working on figuring a way out of this slump. I think I may have the body of a bear…it knows winter is coming so its trying to store all the fat for a long hibernation…

Talk soon!

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Weigh-in Day, Week 39

I wish I could say that I had lost 39 pounds over the past 39 weeks but I can’t. I am holding steady at my 20 pound weight loss another week though. This week that will be considered a victory considering the week began with Thanksgiving dinner and I’ve been working on rebuilding my muscles again, which weighs more than fat. I can’t believe how long it takes to build them up and how fast they shrink when you let up for a bit, even though they say you lose muscle at half the rate it takes to build it. While the temporary break was necessary the week before, my body has definitely been thanking me for getting back into exercise this week. The knee injury in particular was beginning to re-stiffen and get quite sore when I wasn’t exercising as regularly and has significantly relaxed since I started up again.

Anyway, this week I definitely need to get back into tracking my food, working on the exercise and get myself to a loss for next week’s weigh-in. This is enough weeks of holding steady already.

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Weigh-In Day, Week 38

Another week of holding steady – which I consider a miracle this week.

Please don’t give up on me folks. I haven’t given up on myself, I’ve just had to take a little break from concentrating and working as hard at this as I was, as demanded by circumstances.

I haven’t forgotten about posting a wedding dress photo…I am just waiting for there to be someone around during daylight hours to help me get into it and take the picture. Coming soon.


Weigh-In Day, Week 37

Well, here it is a week later and I have managed not to gain or lose again. Well, that’s not entirely true, I did gain at the beginning of the week and then worked my but off the last two days to reverse the damage. Ugh. That was stupid. Not the working hard to reverse it part but the part about not working at it sooner in the week.

This was, once again, one of those weeks where it felt as though everything was stacking up against me, not allowing me the time to exercise or the will power to not give in to convenient, not-so-healthy food. I began my practicum at the end of last week, which I am loving by the way, except for the fact that to complete 5 hours a day of transcription work with small children in the house, it means getting up around the 5am-ish hour, working through naptime, and finishing up what I didn’t get done at night. While at the same time there still remains produce to be canned, a house to be taken care of, kids to be loved, observed and “dealt with” if you know what I mean. Harvest season is not yet over and weather has not been cooperative on that front. I know I will have haters for saying this but, as soon as harvest is done anyway, I can hardly wait for winter to settle in and things to slip back into a routine.

But of course with this cooler weather comes…Anniversary! Birthdays! Thanksgiving! Halloween candy (we don’t celebrate Halloween but we do enjoy the day -after candy sales)! Christmas! And with all those occasions comes FOOD!!! Have you started strategizing how to make it through the onslaught we’re about to enter with gaining back everything you’ve worked hard to lose, while still enjoying yourself? It’s a difficult one. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for it yet but I better get myself ready. I really don’t need to start right back at the beginning come March 2014.

Here’s hoping to a better week for me, and a great week for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, if you’re reading, I’d really love to hear from you as it helps to keep me going.


Weigh-In Day, Week 35

Nothing big or important to report this week. Worked to stay on track. Lost 1 of the 2 pounds I gained last week. Still not giving up. Are you?

I’m thinking of trying on my wedding dress againsometime soon and taking a photo…I was looking through the wedding album with the kids and I’m pretty sure I look a tad different now than I did then. Thought it might be fun to post a before/after photo for your viewing pleasure.


Weigh-In Day, Week 34

Well that was a whirlwind of a week! Is it really Saturday already? This was a week of “life”. I found out just days before that my sister, brother-in-law and 3 of their kiddos were popping in for a visit…all the way from Ontario! It was so great to have them here and I loved every crazy moment. However, I did derail for the week with almost no spare time to exercise (the few days there was, I still did!) and of course, fellowship with family always includes food so there was perhaps a tad too much of that. I am up 2 pounds this week.

You know what? Life does happen. If you are journeying along this hard road to weight loss and better health with me, and you get discouraged by a week where it seems everything is out to sabotage your every effort. Or you find you aren’t enjoying important events because you’re too worried you’re going to eat something that is going to show on the scale at your weigh-in, let me just take a moment to help you out. Those off moments aren’t the ones that are going to sabotage you, its all the days in between. If you are making valiant effort MOST of the time, and have set backs SOME of the time, you are still doing great.

In a perfect world, I’d be living alone in a cabin for the next year with only the foods that are right for me to eat and nothing but a room full of exercise equipment. And maybe a mean-talking trainer checking in on me every once in a while. But the reality is I live in a chaotic house with 2 overactive preschoolers, a busy farmer-husband who is gone what seems like 20 hours a day, 6 days a week, a very small support system (of people who can offer hands-on support, my emotional support group is out of this world huge) and sometimes life just interferes with my new healthy goals. But I do make sure that the first chance I get, I get right back on track and keep plugging along.

I am going to beat this cancer called obesity.

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