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Shred or Dead?

Oh. My. Goodness. I just completed my first workout from the 30 Day Shred DVD. I have apparently just been under the illusion that I’ve been working out for the past 3 months. Yikes. OK, if this doesn’t get my results moving, then I know nothing will. Note to self: wear as many bras as possible before attempting any jumping jacks tomorrow.

Did I just post that on my blog?


Not the greatest photo but the kids wanted to be in one with me too after last night’s photo. Aren’t they just so darn cute?

It’s the start of a new week folks! The snow has melted a few more inches…lets melt a few inches off our bodies too!


Inches and such

Just thought I’d pop a quick post to say since March 12, I have lost 1/2 inch from both bust and hips, a full inch from my waist. Thigh and calf are still measuring the same, as are upper arms (though that is a really tricky measurement to pull of by oneself so I’m never completely sure).

The area I notice shrinking the most is the midsection between bust and bellybutton. I’ve been doing “pinch tests” there all along and have definitely been able to tell there is less to grab hold of there now than there was in January.

So yes, silly me, its not ALL about what the scale says. Though I really do wish that thing would just hurry up and get with the program too.

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Switch Up

OK, not really serious about this but I think I’ve found a way to change my results. Switch my weigh-in day to Monday instead of Saturday. I’ve been weighing myself on Mondays just for kicks for several weeks to see what the difference is from Saturday to Monday and all but once I have been 1-4 pounds less Monday morning than I am Saturday morning.

This morning I weighed in at 237.5, a low I have not yet achieved no matter which day I weigh in. Saturday I was 240.

I feel a little better about myself today and am going into this week with good motivation to do my best and hope for a good result to share with you at week end.

By the way, how close do you have to be to a bullet to actually hear it whiz past you?


The drive to keep going…

I’m no stranger to that strong desire to give up when the results aren’t what you hope, expect or desire. Whether that is in my weight-loss world, my spiritual life, the day to day struggle to become a better person than I was yesterday, or any other area of my life that requires “work”. I have been hit with the “what’s the point” mindset quite a lot recently in regards to my weight loss. I’ve been busting my butt for over 2 months with what feels like barely anything to show for my hard work.

I know some results of exchanging ones habits for healthier ones are internal and therefore not visible to the naked eye nor measurable by tape or scale. For instance, it takes a lot more work to get my heart rate up now than it did 2 months ago. I do believe my heart is healthier, even though I can’t see it. As I mentioned in a previous post, joint pains and aches are gone. I am more flexible. Just to name a few. But that doesn’t stop me from getting discouraged when the scale doesn’t budge. Perhaps I am getting a little too obsessed with the scale. Or maybe its broken.

I was thinking this morning that journeys such as this weight loss one are a lot like our relationship with God in that it takes faith. First, I need to believe that He is there. Then the daily effort to get to know Him better and draw closer to Him, becoming more Christ-like as I seek His ways. It’s a slow process, not an overnight one. It takes a lifetime and even then, we never fully become like Jesus on this earth.

So with my weight loss, I need to believe that the goal is there and achievable. Then I have to work at it daily, continually, knowing that each day a tiny part of me was changed toward meeting that goal and at some point all the tiny changes will accumulate and be an obvious change, whether I can see it happening along the way or not.



Be considerate of others. My hardest challenge in relation to food is not my daily menu or eating at restaurants. It is eating in other peoples’ homes and not always feeling comfortable turning down dishes or beverages, or asking for alternatives. Here are some tips for when you are hosting someone you know is trying to lose weight or who is trying to eat healthy:

  • Offer water as a beverage or have a pitcher with the beverages so they can avoid sugar if they choose.
  • Serve at least one, preferably two, non-starchy vegetables with the meal (not corn, potato or peas as the only veg). Like a salad as well as a hot vegetable like asparagus, green beans or broccoli.
  • Don’t insist they take seconds or more if they have already politely declined.
  • Keep dessert light and fruit-based. Angel food cake with strawberries and either frozen yogurt or low-fat cool whip is delicious, beautiful to serve and easy on the waistline.

Most people will be gracious and eat whatever you serve them. But all will appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort when you help them keep their healthy choices a top priority. Just don’t ever say, “should you be eating that?” to a dinner guest. Unless its something weird like a cat treat or the dog’s bone. Then ask away.

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On my heart…

I don’t normally post on Sundays. Not for any particular reason, its just usually a busy or resting day so I don’t spend quite as much time on the computer and a little more time with my family. Today, however, there is something on my heart that I want to share. It has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss but everything to do with my life right now.

For some time now I have really struggled with my role as mother. Not so much feeling inadequate as a mother, as unable to cope. I feel pushed, pulled, pressed, cajoled and more than any other phase in my life, I feel spiritually empty. I have never been great at keeping up with daily devotions and alone time with Jesus. It’s always something I’ve wanted, but something I’ve never quite been able to get into the habit of. I have especially felt convicted of this recently as I realize a huge part of why I feel overwhelmed with motherhood is because I keep on trying to do it on my own strength. How silly is that? Anyone who’s ever been a mother (and a few who haven’t) know that motherhood is the hardest job on the face of the earth. How can I expect to be able to do it on my own? Why would I even want to try? So I have made it a purpose to add another discipline to my already full life, spend time alone with my Lord each day, in order to have the strength needed to do the tasks before me.

And then there is this. Two things I hope I never [again] say to any young mother:
1. Just wait, it gets worse.
2. I had to do it back when my kids were small, now it’s your turn.
When we say these two phrases to any young mother who is daily struggling just to survive motherhood, we are telling her two things:
1. There is no hope for you.
2. There is no help for you.
What devastating words! There is no HOPE for you! There is no HELP for you! Those are the two things every young mother wants to believe she can have, hope and help. Is it any wonder that young mommies everywhere are deeply hurting in silence because if they share their struggles with a woman who is past this phase, she is told there is no hope. There is no help.

I am so thankful for several women who took the time to encourage and lift up this weary, worn-out, devastated mother and help me to realize there IS hope, there IS help, both from our Saviour and from the women who believe and live the words of Titus 2:4-5,

“Older women likewise are to…teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.”

If I, as a struggling mother, have given you the impression that there is no hope, there is no help, then I sincerely ask forgiveness for this. And now I challenge both myself and each of you, to lift up the weary mothers around you, both in prayer and in physical support. Let us give them and each other help and hope.


Worst Wednesdays

I have no idea why but most of my eating struggles show up on Wednesday. Last week, Little Papa’s birthday. Tonight we’re going out for supper to use up a coupon my hubby got for his birthday from Tony Roma’s. I’ve been researching their menu all morning, trying to figure out what I can eat without blowing my plan to the moon. There’s not much on the menu to help. Even their salads weigh in pretty heavy. Sigh, oh well, I’ll pick the least worst and try not to dwell on it too much.

After supper, we have a social outing with the couples from our small bible study group. Mini-golf followed by fellowship and food at one couples’ home. Food. Snacks. Chips. Brownies, I’ve heard. I am bringing something as well and I think I’ve decided on a lightened up cake – 1 box angel food cake mixed with a can of crushed pineapple – and fat-free cool whip. At least then I feel like I am partaking without losing the ability to eat for the rest of the week. It’s hard some days, having a social life, leaving the house, and remaining on track to lose weight. But it is worth the inconvenience. I want the results of living a healthy life, even at the cost of some temporary pleasures.

To add to my daily difficulties, my son has decided to give up his morning nap. I was quite used to his napping twice a day so I had to stretches of time to get things done. Now I have to attempt all housework while he awake so I can reserve nap time for exercise because there is no way to exercise if he is awake. Other than constantly chasing after him and getting him out of one thing or another. I already get up at 6:30am to work on my schooling before the kids get up, maybe I should move it to 5:30 so I can get my work out in early too…I soooo would hate that. I am not a morning person.

Thankful right now that my oatmeal keeps me so full into early afternoon, I think perhaps my lunch will consist of a variety of fruits and veggies and I’ll reserve the remainder of my points for the evening.



Did you know you can find the nutritional information for most restaurants menu items on the internet? It helps to plan ahead when you know you’re going to eat out. A lot of food choices can seem good at the restaurant but when you research them at home, you may find a lot of hidden fats and sugars. Foods that may seem bad upfront, can sometimes be surprisingly healthier than even a salad. Know before you go!

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Enough Winter

Back in the fall, I did something I never should have. I read The Long Winter from The Little House on the Prairie series. In 4 days, it will be 5 months since our first major snow fall here in Saskatchewan and the ground has been white ever since. Five stinkin’ months of winter. At this point, I guess we may as well make it one more month and go for a full half-year. Not. I am starting to get antsy for winter to end. Easter, after all, is in just 3 weeks and it needs to be warm and dry enough for us to hide chocolate for the kids’ egg hunt. It NEEDS to be. I have not yet had a snowy Easter since living in Saskatchewan, I’d prefer not to start now. Besides, all the cold and snow is making me feel like sleeping all day, every day. Maybe if the world outside would wake up a little, I’d have an easier time of it too.

Winter Wonderland

Our backyard this winter. The snow has completely buried the swing seats, and is approximately waist deep over this entire area. Just imagine all the fun my kids can have in the mud when it melts…or not. That white building is our smokehouse where we smoke our homemade sausage on pig butchering day each November.

Did I tell you I got a package full of seeds for my garden in the mail the other day? I did. I want to plant them. Now. Planting is my favourite part of gardening. After that, I’ve had my fill of gardening for the year but unfortunately, that’s when the real work starts. Assuming we get a Spring and Summer before the next winter hits this year anyway. I wonder if peas would grow if you just planted them in snow?

Anyway, there’s your peek into my thoughts this Monday morning. I am on track, working hard at losing some poundage and hope to give you a good report on Saturday. I’ll leave you with a photo of my lush green garden (or about half of it) from last summer. Anyone want to come help weed in a few months?

This was early last summer, before everything was up and full and bushy.  This photo shows maybe a little over half of my garden.

This was early last summer, before everything was up and full and bushy. This photo shows maybe a little over half of my garden.

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There’s a birthday in Little Mama’s house!

Today is a special day in the house of Little Mama…Little Papa is having a birthday! Birthday preparations are well underway. Pancakes and bacon have been consumed by Little Papa and his offspring. Little Mama stuck to her oats. Layers of chocolate cake are baking. Base for creamy chocolate frosting is cooling in the fridge. Chicken, peppers, onions and garlic all ready for slicing and chopping. One of Little Papa’s favourite meals is Cajun Chicken. In its original form this is enormously fattening, which he needs, but I’ll be making 2 separate Alfredo sauces, one full fat, the other a lightened up cheater version. So that’s our menu tonight, Cajun Chicken, Caesar Salad and Black Forest Cake. In between all the prep work I’ll be riding my bike. Maybe I should just move it to the kitchen and cook while I ride? I’m going to need the exercise to deal with this meal.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you that know us personally are laughing right now as I call my 6’1 husband “Little Papa?”

Here are some reason’s why I’m happy to splurge a little tonight as we celebrate Little Papa:

1.) 5 years ago I organized a big surprise party for his 30th birthday, I was his lowly girlfriend then.

2.) 13 days later he proposed to me, on my mother’s birthday no less.

3.) That October he married me.

4.) That winter, just between Christmas and New Year’s, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

5.) 3 years ago, 2 days after his birthday, he had brain surgery.

6.) He’s still here, he’s healthy and he gave me two adorable babies.

Happy Birthday Little Papa – I love you more than you know.

Band kids




On deprivation…

You’ve just made a decision. No more french fries, or no more Pepsi, or no more carbs… what’s probably the first thing you crave and can’t get out of your mind because you want it so bad? Probably french fries. Or Pepsi. Or carbs. Or am I the only one with this problem? And then you eat everything in your house except the french fries, pepsi or carbs trying to avoid eating the french fries, pepsi or carbs and in the end, you eat the french fries, pepsi AND carbs all in one sitting. Again, maybe its just me…but I’m betting its not.

The problem with extreme dieting and depriving yourself of foods (and drinks) you actually eat for enjoyment is that it can make life miserable and you set yourself up for failure. I completely, honestly, truly believe that God created us to enjoy food. If eating was meant to be nothing but for the nourishment and survival of our bodies, why would He have placed taste buds on our tongues? Why would He have allowed us to differentiate flavours through our sense of smell? Ever noticed how boring and pointless eating seems when you’ve had a bad cold and can’t taste or smell a thing?

Then there is the documented fact that when you try to avoid something, it will be on your mind that much more. I’ve never been a huge bread eater. If there were dinner rolls served at a meal, I could take or leave them, no big deal. BUT, when I started Atkins (low/no carb, high protein) years and years ago, the only thing I wanted in my mouth was bread and butter. I could have given up every slice of bacon, every perfectly grilled steak for one stale bun with a slab of butter on it. What gives?

I know for myself, to be successful on this long journey to lose 100lbs, there HAS to be moderation. I have to be able to have a bit of chocolate now and then. I have to be able to eat a french fry every once in a while. I have to be allowed to drink a regular, full of sugar, ice cold Coca-Cola Classic or Pepsi with a slice of pepperoni pizza here and there. If I tell myself I can’t have these for a year, chances are I’ll have failed by the end of the week. And I have to be able to have at least one coffee a day, prepared just the way I like it, which includes sugar.

On the other side, when making healthier choices day to day, if I simply ask myself, “can I avoid the french fries today? Just today?” I usually can, knowing that maybe next week, I’ll have the opportunity again and if I really want them, I can have them. Or, maybe if I’m having a day where I really can’t see living without a single french fry, I order a small. And you know what? It’s enough, sometimes just having a few of my hubby’s fries is enough. Sometimes, I just need the taste and I’m satisfied. But every once in a while, I need the fries to myself. With the cheeseburger. And the coke. And if its really just “every once in a while”, that’s ok.



Approach treats and indulgences with maturity, not excuses. If you find yourself saying “It’s just [insert excuse].” to justify what you’re about to put in your mouth – you probably should toss it in the garbage can instead. Or work your butt off for an extra hour. On the other hand, if you’ve just had an awesome week, you’re on track for the day and you see some wiggle room available, go ahead, you deserve a treat. Just don’t over-do it to the point of ruining all the hard work you just accomplished.

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Q & A Day

You know, some days I am just stumped as to what to write about. Today is one of those days, so I’m declaring a Q & A day. Please feel free to use the comment section to ask any questions about me, weight loss, what’s up with the Easter Bunny laying eggs…you name it. Or leave a comment with a suggestion for a post topic and we’ll see if that greases some wheels.

It’s Tuesday, I’m on track, waiting for little dude to fall asleep so I can get on my bike.



Don’t deprive yourself. My daily “must-have” that I can’t live without? A travel mug full of freshly ground, brewed coffee, complete with a spoonful of homemade caramel and some milk. I did cut back to one mug from the two I was enjoying previously. I can’t live without coffee, and I love my coffee sweet.