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30? Day Shred

on May 9, 2013

OK, I’ve long given up hope of finishing the 30 Day Shred in 30 actual days. I’ve been going for 2 weeks now and I can finally ALMOST make it through level one. Today, I literally threw up in my mouth a little after the workout. I’ve had other days where I thought I might throw up but it usually passed after a bit. Phew, she really makes you work hard! I’m scared to progress to the next level…

On the flip side, I decided to switch out a workout this week with one from a Biggest Loser DVD I borrowed from a friend and it did nothing for me. No elevated heart rate, no tired muscles. So I switched to the other Biggest Loser DVD and did 10 minutes of strength and 10 minutes of cardio. The strength got a little tiredness going in the muscles and the cardio did get my heart rate up but at the end I still didn’t feel like I’d had much of a workout. The next morning I switched back to the Shred. Ah yes, I hate it and love it all at the same time but when I am done, I can feel over my whole body that I have had a workout. Sweat trickles into my eyes and yes, I feel about to throw up. Such a great feeling.

I have been hearing that you can get the 30 Day Shred at WalMart for about $5, I highly recommend you do this and buy a set of hand weights as well. They are also usually quite inexpensive and you’ve got everything you need to have a really good workout for a whole lot less than a gym membership or a personal trainer. I use 5lb weights myself, sometimes they are perfect, sometimes they get a little heavy. If you’re just starting out with weights, maybe start at a 3lb weight and move up from there. I also carry around a 30lb 1 1/2 year old who is already half as tall as me so I think my arms are ready for the 5 pounders. That’s just a little over half of what my babies weigh at birth anyway.

Do you have a workout DVD/trainer that you love to follow? Tell me some of your favourites!

2 Responses to “30? Day Shred”

  1. Barb says:

    I tried the 30 day shred and it did nothing for me, I enjoy the gym classes like Tababta, Pilates and Yoga, then I do weights to help with toning. Currently doing a 30 day challenge on abs, seems I missed out last month on the squat challenge with this group on facebook. I think anything to get your heart rate going and you feel like you had a workout, for example you can feel the muscles in your body.

  2. Susan Wiebe says:

    I personally enjoy walking outside, not leisure walks but hard to have a conversation walk 3-4 times a week(have to get back at it after holiday time) and for toning, I enjoy the Pilates videos on the internet by blogolotes, not that I can keep up with her, but it works.

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