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Weigh-In Day, Week 36

Holding steady with my weight this week, no loss or gain. I’m in denial right now though. I need to start tracking my food again and I just don’t want to. The undeniable truth is that summer is over, the chilly weather has set in, I’m not sweating from the moment I wake up until the moment I wake up the following morning anymore. I’m not outside every waking minute running around like a crazy person trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible during daylight hours. Well, I’m still trying to accomplish that but in a more virtual way with 5 hours of transcription work needing to be completed a day, plus photos for clients piling up and waiting to be edited, plus the usual kid/house care. But none of these things make me sweat. I have bumped up my workouts a notch this week in hopes that would help keep my metabolism moving. I think I may need to bump up some more. BUT, I also need to start being extra cautious of what I eat during the cold months. Fresh fruits and veggies I find more difficult to enjoy and I would prefer to stick to things like pot pie, mashed potatoes and cinnamon buns.

Do you have seasons that get you into more trouble than others? Recognizing this will be a huge step in helping you overcome the hurdles a particular season can bring. For me, knowing that the cold season brings with it strong cravings for creamy comfort foods and sweet hot drinks means I can make some smart plans to keep staying on track a little easier. For one, I make sure to keep the good stuff in the house (fruits, veggies etc) and keep the bad stuff out altogether or only have it around in small quantities for the occasional treat, not overdose. Did you know you can cook your potatoes in chicken stock (don’t drain it off), and some cubed low-fat cream cheese at the end and mash to make really creamy mashed potatoes that don’t have an ounce of butter or fattening cream? And they’re tasty too. If there’s one thing I can’t stand its watery bland mashed potatoes made with skim milk and a teaspoon of margarine. Gross. I’d rather give them up entirely.

Anyway, so the goal for me this week is to get back into tracking, or at the very least, being extremely aware of what I’m eating, figuring out how much more exercise my time budget can handle ( I would so LOVE to do more if I had the time), and in general, keep on keeping on.

How are you doing?


Weigh-In Day, Week 35

Nothing big or important to report this week. Worked to stay on track. Lost 1 of the 2 pounds I gained last week. Still not giving up. Are you?

I’m thinking of trying on my wedding dress againsometime soon and taking a photo…I was looking through the wedding album with the kids and I’m pretty sure I look a tad different now than I did then. Thought it might be fun to post a before/after photo for your viewing pleasure.


Weigh-In Day, Week 34

Well that was a whirlwind of a week! Is it really Saturday already? This was a week of “life”. I found out just days before that my sister, brother-in-law and 3 of their kiddos were popping in for a visit…all the way from Ontario! It was so great to have them here and I loved every crazy moment. However, I did derail for the week with almost no spare time to exercise (the few days there was, I still did!) and of course, fellowship with family always includes food so there was perhaps a tad too much of that. I am up 2 pounds this week.

You know what? Life does happen. If you are journeying along this hard road to weight loss and better health with me, and you get discouraged by a week where it seems everything is out to sabotage your every effort. Or you find you aren’t enjoying important events because you’re too worried you’re going to eat something that is going to show on the scale at your weigh-in, let me just take a moment to help you out. Those off moments aren’t the ones that are going to sabotage you, its all the days in between. If you are making valiant effort MOST of the time, and have set backs SOME of the time, you are still doing great.

In a perfect world, I’d be living alone in a cabin for the next year with only the foods that are right for me to eat and nothing but a room full of exercise equipment. And maybe a mean-talking trainer checking in on me every once in a while. But the reality is I live in a chaotic house with 2 overactive preschoolers, a busy farmer-husband who is gone what seems like 20 hours a day, 6 days a week, a very small support system (of people who can offer hands-on support, my emotional support group is out of this world huge) and sometimes life just interferes with my new healthy goals. But I do make sure that the first chance I get, I get right back on track and keep plugging along.

I am going to beat this cancer called obesity.

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Weigh-In Day, Week 33

One more pound gone this week which brings me down to 228, 20 pounds less than the 248 I was at the start of this blog! Somehow things seem to be moving more steadily now and I wonder if it has to do with the muscle I’ve built up over the past 33 weeks?

A lot of people have asked me lately if I’m still doing Weight Watchers and I’ve been struggling how to answer that one. No, I’m not specifically counting out points for every bite I eat but I am still using everything I learned in the months of rigidly adhering to the plan to help make my choices through the day. It is a fantastic program to get you started in the right direction of learning to eat healthy for what your specific body needs. The problem often comes with letting go of the discipline in following a plan, you start to slip back into old habits and this is the sign that you are not yet ready to go off a plan. If you can go a week without counting your points and tracking every morsel, but still maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, then try for another week. Make sure what you have learned has “stuck” before heading out solo.

Come winter, I may get back into tracking and journaling my food intake. I find my body loves to go into “fat storage” survival mode in cold weather, probably due to the fact that I love to hibernate under a warm blanket and not move a muscle.

I heard the geese this crisp September morning…our crazy busy summer is nearing its end.

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