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Weigh-In Day, Week 27

What a crazy week. One of those weeks where the “To-Do” list is longer than the available hours in which to do it, lots of school, photo editing, yard work, marmalade making and the regular kid-related time-consuming activities that are a part of each day…except Wednesday. Wednesday was my day off. My first day off in years. And let me tell you, it was glorious.

Thanks to my endearing mother-in-law who arrived Tuesday night already, I was able to escape the house before any child’s radar was locked on me. I then spent an entire day going where I wanted to go, doing what I wanted to do, drinking Starbucks (cause it was free for my birthday and only $2 in the afternoon, HELLO!), talking to random strangers, getting a “talk” from a parking meter police-dude about sending a text before getting out of my vehicle to plug the meter…seriously? I JUST got there? And I paid for more time than I used so…All in all a wonderful day and returned home in time to have cake with the family before shipping them off to bed. I REALLY wanted to stay away until they actually were in bed but I was having a hard time explaining to my 3-year-old why Mom didn’t want to “party” on her birthday and she just wanted alone time. It was still great though, something I hope I can repeat before my next birthday.

However, that day off created mayhem for the remainder of my week. Deadlines and fruit on the verge of spoiling meant getting to work like crazy leaving very little time for much of anything. Suffice it to say I had 1 workout this week and a few too many “birthday” splurges, plus sampling the marmalade to make sure it tasted alright to pass on to friends and family and eating a salty snack the night before weigh-in…and that my friends, is how you gain 3 pounds in a week.

Do I use that as an excuse to give up and keep gaining? Absolutely not.

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Weigh-In Day, Week 26

Well, I almost made it to my weekly goal this time. Just a little over half pound would have done it but I’ll take the 1.5 pounds I DID lose! Down to 230.5 now, that’s a 17.5 pound loss since starting this blog. Next week for sure in the 220’s – if my birthday doesn’t sabotage that. I noticed this week that my watch is feeling loose around my wrist…

Yesterday while I was doing my cardio workout, I was thinking of what hindered me from exercising in the past, and what may hinder some of my overweight friends from getting into exercise. Exercise is by far the hardest thing to incorporate into a weight-loss plan, it takes actual time out of already busy schedules and, if we’re completely honest, its not really that fun and takes E-F-F-O-R-T!

So here’s a little list to maybe help you get moving.


1. If you are very overweight, start slow and low impact. I rode my recumbent bike for 3 months, increasing time and resistance regularly, before attempting other exercises and I am certain it prepared my knee and hip joints for the impact of jumping jacks and such. You may not get much weight-loss results from a more mild exercise but the movement is great for preparing your body. All movement is good and you can always build up if you just make a start.

2. When you’re ready to start aerobic exercises, make sure you have the appropriate clothing/gear. Speaking strictly to females here, although perhaps there are a few men who could use the advice too, either go to a specialty lingerie store and get a very supportive, tailored to you sports bra that can keep your girls in place, or, if you’re on a budget like me, wear multiple supportive garments to do the same trick. If your belly hangs low like mine does, getting a pair of spanx-type shorts is crucial to keeping those floppy areas in place too – trust me, it reduces work-out pain to virtually none. The point being, if any part of your body is extra floppy, find a way to secure it down before jumping up and down.

3. On the note of exercise gear, get a set of dumbbells. I have 5 pound ones. If you’re new to strength training, maybe start with 3 pounders.

4. If you’re ready to try a workout DVD, get one with normal sized people doing the exercises so you can get an idea of how you actually are supposed to look while flopping around your living room. I found looking at perfect models while exercising was discouraging rather than motivating me to look like “that”. Because I will never look like that, those models have never been over 100 lbs overweight, their bodies have never stretched to the extent that mine has and therefore, mine can’t return to quite that same tone. Which is ok, I’ve got battle scars and I am stronger for them.

5. Work out videos with real people often show modified versions of the workouts for people just starting out. Don’t try too much too fast, work your way up to it. This is one reason why I really love the Biggest Loser workout DVD’s. As your strength and agility increases, you can move to more advanced versions of the same exercise.

6. On the same line of not overdoing your workouts when you first start out, don’t wimp out either. Push yourself a little more each time. Not to the point of injury but when you feel your muscles burning and you think you can’t do any more, try for just ONE more. And if you can, one more after that. If there is one exercise during the workout that you just can’t do (for me it is still some variations of push-ups), keep moving! Just repeat a previous exercise or do crunches. As long as you keep moving and don’t stop until the workout is over.

7. Just start the process of moving. It is sooo easy to procrastinate with exercise but it really is crucial both to successful weight loss and quality of life and health overall.


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Beyond Appearances


My 3 beautiful sisters-in-law with whom I had the privilege of leading worship through singing at my church on Sunday.

I realized something today. I realized that my weight loss focus has become even less about my appearance and even more about my overall health over the past months that I have been on this journey. Maybe because I’ve come to terms with the fact that, even when I reach my weight loss goal, my body will still hold the physical scars of the battle I am in; the stretch marks, the loose skin, who knows what else. But I am bound and determined that I will reach that weight because it is no longer about what I look like, or how I perceive others think of my appearance. Now its all about the stronger, healthier, happier-because-I-can-move-without-pain person I am becoming…and who I am LOVING! I seriously love how much more active I am and feel I can be. I have pushed physical limits for myself like crazy over the past months and I am going to keep pushing limits to find out how much more I am capable of doing.

A few weeks ago I told you I had an upcoming appointment with my doctor for a physical – that took place last week. I went into that appointment determined to find a cause for why my weight loss is happening soooooo slowly. I left extremely encouraged and even more determined to keep on doing this. My doctor showed me the numbers on his computer. I have lost 50 pounds in the last 2 years, the last weight my clinic had on file for me. 50 pounds. 50 blocks of butter. 50. Fifty. I still have a long way to go, but I have done away with FIFTY WHOLE POUNDS! At this rate, there will be nothing left of me in 4 years.

Somehow knowing that I have been able to lose those fifty pounds, makes the next 90 or so seem so much more achievable. Even if it takes 4 years.



Weigh-In Day, Week 25

Holding steady at 232 this week, amazing considering date night last Saturday was burgers and fries from Five Guys (I hadn’t had a burger in soooo long and I think I may have been moaning the entire time I was eating it) plus another date night with all 3 of my sisters-in-law last night for some amazing Thai food followed by “The Lone Ranger.” Not that the Lone Ranger would have caused weight gain or loss. Maybe a loss, it was kinda funny after all.

I do allow myself the occasional splurge, especially when I am working really hard. I have heard that sometimes having a high calorie day (very seldom) can also help to “shock” your metabolism and keep you moving. Don’t know if its true or not so please don’t quote me on that…and please don’t use it as an excuse to have a high calorie day every week. Maybe one a month.

This weeks goal for me, break 230, maybe even get to 229 and get out of the thirties altogether. Now to make it through another social/BBQ filled weekend without overdoing it…


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Weigh-In Day, Week 24

Hey there peeps, I really am still around and hopefully soon will get the chance to write a few more posts on more than just my weekly update, but for now, this is really all I have time to squeeze in.

So remember last week? I was up like crazy? I was quite sure it was bloating. I felt bloated. The scale number looked bloated and by the next day I was back down to the previous weeks weight so…I’m pretty sure I was just bloated.

I took extra measures yesterday to make sure my sodium intake was quite low so as not to be bloated this morning, I tend to bloat when I’ve had a lot of salt. And it worked! I am down a full 4 pounds from last week and another 1.5 pounds from my previous low! Move over little butterfly, move over!

To be completely honest with all of you, I very, very regularly go through feelings of what is the point of all the effort I’m putting into losing weight when my results are soooooo minimal. Sometimes it feels like I’m not getting anywhere at all. And I’m thinking maybe some of you who are relatively new to starting a weight loss journey probably get discouraged as well sometimes? You didn’t lose the weight you wanted that week, in spite of working out hard and eating right and you’re faced with an opportunity for social eating and you decide to just go for it, what’s the point anyway, right? I am telling you, DON’T go off-path with your journey, even when it feels like the results just aren’t happening. Just keep trying!

On the days I am tempted to give up and give in, I try to think ahead another year or two and what I will wish then that I had done now. And I KNOW 32-year-old Sara will wish that almost 31-year-old Sara had stayed the course and kept going. Even if it only meant losing 10 pounds in that year, because 10 pounds is closer to 100 than 0.

Find a mental strategy that works for you and use it to your advantage to help keep you going, even when you don’t want to. Because I certainly don’t always want to, but I know that I need to.

Have a great week my fabulous friends!