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Weigh-in, Week 18

This weeks result is a 1/2 pound loss. I totally have a body builder’s figure going on…under my fat. I wish you could see my abs. I wish I could see my abs. Someday, I am going to show you my abs.

I also have a pair of denim capris that at one time in my life, I could not zip shut. If I want to wear them now, I almost need suspenders just to keep them up and can pull them about 4-5 inches away from my body…while wearing them. I can pull them further if I’m not wearing them…but only as far as my short arms will reach.

I wore them in the garden the other day and if it wasn’t for my legs inside of them, the wind would have blown them off.

Have a great week and don’t forget to smile a little, even if your life is more nuts than mine.



On becoming stronger…

Ah yes, remember back in the never-ending winter when I said I was looking forward to the warmer months because of, well, the warmth and yet I was dreading it because of how busy it would be? Well, that time is here. Hence, very little time for posting anything about anything here or anywhere. I keep telling myself that these years of toddler/babyhood will eventually pass and the children will become independent enough to occupy themselves “safely” without me having to keep a hawk’s eye on them to make sure they don’t run on the road, get trampled by a cow or stick their hand in an auger. I’m slowly learning to let go of the fact that if we are outside, they WILL play with and eat dirt. I don’t care so much about them playing in the dirt as I feel exhausted just thinking about having to clean them up after. There is NOT time to add a bath to every day yet too.

Anyway, I don’t know why I went on that rant, I was going to write about something else. On Monday, my lovely mother-in-law and I tackled a big garden project that will hopefully make the remainder of the summer a little easier to manage. We laid sheets of black plastic (the stuff farmer-hubby uses to cover silage) over the entire garden and then had to dig trenches and bury all the edges so it wouldn’t blow away. I thought the job would maybe take the whole morning…it took all day and into evening. So thankful my sister-in-law offered to take the kids off my hands for the day, even though it was her birthday, or it would have taken a week to finish that job.

So as we were digging, I kept noticing things about myself. Things that would have been very different even last summer, and all the summers before that. As we dug, and dumped and spread and pulled and pushed and moved, I did not get winded. My arms did not get tired. Even though my eyes were tired and wanted to go to sleep by the end of the day, my body could have kept going with the work. It was hard work. But I could do it and not feel completely done in by the end of it! I was only mildly sore the next day and that wore off quickly.

My point is this, sometimes the effects of exercise are not all visible. Sometimes we get discouraged because we can’t see our body changing as quickly as we’d like, or in the places that we’d like. But then we go and complete a task that, before training our body with exercise, would have left us huffing and puffing and unable to move after an hour or two. So yeah, I was encouraged by my stamina on Monday and the fact that exercising has helped me to become a stronger person, as well as a less overweight person.

Now, if only there was a way to exercise the body out of needing sleep so I could get over this sleep deprivation exhaustion to continue on with my 18+ hour days and -6 hour nights.

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Weigh-In Day, Week 17

Hey! It’s me. I’m here. Boy summer came in a hurry, eh? Just two weeks ago the kids could just barely get on the swing set through melting snow and now I’m getting ready to plant the garden! Strawberries and flower beds got planted yesterday. We’re going to try a  new project this year by laying plastic over the garden and then planting through holes in the plastic. This is with high hopes to reduce weeds to the point where I can actually keep them controlled this summer. This will be my first summer on the farm with 2 running children. Last year, one was somewhat old enough to play by herself while I worked outside and the other was still baby enough to either sleep most of the day or be content in the playpen outside. This year, well, let’s just say “baby” is already giving me a run for my money, I’m going to need all the short-cuts I can take with the outdoor work this summer. Now, if only one of my nieces from Ontario felt like taking a summer trip to Saskatchewan and being my live-in nanny/helper…I might even pay ya…


Now to the results, I have been very good with my eating this week, slacking a little in the workout department as far as following a program goes but I’ve been outside working a lot which is still activity and I have been horrible at tracking this week. Must do better and not get out of that habit over the summer! I lost 1.5 lb from last week bring me back down to 236.5 and I have lost an INCH AND A HALF around my arm! Woohoo! My arms have always been one of my “most hated things about myself” and I am happy to notice they are finally shrinking. I also lost 1/2 inch around both calf and thigh. Waist and hip didn’t seem to lose this week but that’s ok, they’ve been the only place changing for a while now so I’m glad to see the weight is coming off other parts of my body too.

OK, kids are anxious to get outside and the work list for today grows longer not shorter so off I go. Have a great week my friends and make some healthy choices!

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No words seem right…

What can I say? I have been feeling heartbroken for the Bosma family this week, I can only imagine how much more heartbroken they are. Friends and family back in Ontario who knew them are all hurting. Strangers are hurting. God is being trusted and rested in. God is being questioned.

I have been keeping “current” all week through the Facebook Event page that was set up called Help Find Tim Bosma. Mostly comments by strangers and friends alike on that page have been positive encouragement and an outpouring of love toward the Bosma family. But occasionally, someone will practice their “right” to free speech and throw a curve ball in the discussions. Over and over non-believers questioned the point of having a faith in a God who would “allow” things like this to happen to good people. They wondered what good all those prayers for Tim’s return did. To them, they couldn’t see God working in this situation and if He was working, He wasn’t up to any good. From outside of the family of God, it surely must look like that to some.

I myself have questioned why a little girl had to become fatherless, a loving wife to become a widow through such a horrible crime. But  I KNOW that God is good. He cannot be held responsible for man’s evil actions. He created man. And He created man with a free will to choose. He did not create puppets to just do His bidding because you cannot have a relationship with a puppet. Some people have chosen to follow His ways, to develop a close, spiritual relationship with Him as a loving father. Others have chosen to separate themselves from this kind of relationship. When man chooses to separate himself from God, how then can you blame God for the evil that then fills man’s heart?

People speak of God as though he is sitting on his throne looking down on earth saying, “hmmm, yep, I’ll ‘allow’ that man to be killed. Wait, wait, no, not that one, I won’t allow him to get hurt.” What God has allowed is for each person to make the choice of whom to serve with his life, because we all serve someone whether we’re aware of it or not.  The men who killed Tim Bosma CHOSE to separate themselves from God. No, it is not right that Tim is dead because of their choice and I believe with every fibre of my being that God himself has wept with the Bosma family in their grief and suffering over the choices of men who decided to serve evil.

But God has also rejoiced because He welcomed home one of His own children. A son who has served Him with his life, and even now through his death is reaching thousands upon thousands with the message that God is GOOD! You can see it in the strength displayed by the Bosma family. You can see it in the outpouring of love from the church body and the community. It is evident everywhere that God cares deeply for this family and that He will be the father of the fatherless and husband to the widow. He walked with them every step of the way and He will continue to walk by their side, carrying them when need be until they can be reunited with Tim in heaven.


If you’ve been touched by Tim Bosma’s life and have wondered how you could assist his family, here are two ways I know of:

If you wish to make a donation to the “In Memory of Tim Bosma” fund, there are three ways:

  1. You can make an email transfer.  Log onto your bank website and follow the instructions to send an interact e-transfer.  Email address: [email protected]
  2. Make a direct deposit: Account number: 2047-6332096
  3. Visit a TD Canada Trust bank, and ask to make a donation to the “Tim Bosma” fund

Tim’s wife Sharlene is also a consultant for Epicure Selections. Tomorrow, May 16, they will be donating $1 from the sale of all dip mixes to a fund for Sharlene and her daughter. You can order through a consultant in your area or through the website:



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Weigh-in Week 16

To get business done and set aside, I have lost most of the weight I had gained last week but I’m not quite back down to 236 like I was a few weeks ago. I haven’t given up though and I hope by knowing that I have ups and downs but still keep plugging along encourages you to do the same. I have decided I will only update the tracker on the sidebar when I have lost more weight than the previous time it was updated, rather than having it go up and down each week.

Gardening season is just about upon us so I look forward to burning some calories that way in addition to my workouts and such.

Now, on a completely unrelated note. My heart has been so incredibly heavy this week for a family in Ontario. Tim Bosma was stolen from his family on Monday when 2 men showed up to test drive a truck he was trying to sell. He told his wife he’d be right back and has not been seen since. They are believers, Christians, part of the family of God and therefore my family through Christ though I do not know them personally. I just want to ask you faithful readers to please uplift this family in prayer.

I just learned that there will be an update from Police at 1:00pm EST, 11:00am Sask time.

In the meantime, please continue to circulate this poster in hopes that it will help bring Tim home:


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30? Day Shred

OK, I’ve long given up hope of finishing the 30 Day Shred in 30 actual days. I’ve been going for 2 weeks now and I can finally ALMOST make it through level one. Today, I literally threw up in my mouth a little after the workout. I’ve had other days where I thought I might throw up but it usually passed after a bit. Phew, she really makes you work hard! I’m scared to progress to the next level…

On the flip side, I decided to switch out a workout this week with one from a Biggest Loser DVD I borrowed from a friend and it did nothing for me. No elevated heart rate, no tired muscles. So I switched to the other Biggest Loser DVD and did 10 minutes of strength and 10 minutes of cardio. The strength got a little tiredness going in the muscles and the cardio did get my heart rate up but at the end I still didn’t feel like I’d had much of a workout. The next morning I switched back to the Shred. Ah yes, I hate it and love it all at the same time but when I am done, I can feel over my whole body that I have had a workout. Sweat trickles into my eyes and yes, I feel about to throw up. Such a great feeling.

I have been hearing that you can get the 30 Day Shred at WalMart for about $5, I highly recommend you do this and buy a set of hand weights as well. They are also usually quite inexpensive and you’ve got everything you need to have a really good workout for a whole lot less than a gym membership or a personal trainer. I use 5lb weights myself, sometimes they are perfect, sometimes they get a little heavy. If you’re just starting out with weights, maybe start at a 3lb weight and move up from there. I also carry around a 30lb 1 1/2 year old who is already half as tall as me so I think my arms are ready for the 5 pounders. That’s just a little over half of what my babies weigh at birth anyway.

Do you have a workout DVD/trainer that you love to follow? Tell me some of your favourites!


Keeping it simple

Hey! I know, its been a while again. Glad to say I’m mostly over whatever that was, still waiting for the sinuses to fully clear up but that may never happen given my history for sinus related stuff. I also re-lost whatever weight that was hanging around on the weekend.

So I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about how the different fads seem to take over the weight-loss and health worlds. About 15 years ago it was all about Atkins and cutting all carbs from your diet because carbs make you fat. So you could eat a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon for breakfast but don’t dare go anywhere near that banana loaded with sugary carbs. Makes a whole heap ‘o sense, right?

These days, it seems to be all about going gluten-free. I have not yet had the desire to join that bandwagon. What is it about cutting out whole food groups that makes people think they are going to magically lose weight and keep it off long term? Only about 1 in 100 people have true celiac disease where they literally become sick and in pain from eating gluten and need to remove it from their diet. Most of the rest of us aren’t fat because we eat gluten. We’re just fat because we eat TOO MUCH gluten! We’re not fat because we eat sugar. We’re fat because we eat TOO MUCH sugar. We’re not fat because we eat carbohydrates, we’re fat because we eat TOO MUCH carbohydrates! Besides, many “gluten-free” products are loaded with extra calories and sugars to make up for the taste and texture difference of “the real deal.” Gluten-free, Carb-free, Calorie-free…none of those necessarily mean HEALTHIER.

Since working on losing weight, I have cut back on a whole lot of foods, but I can’t say I have totally eliminated them. I will steal an occasional chip when my hubby is snacking at night. Two weekends ago we went on a date and I budgeted my points to allow me to enjoy popcorn at the movie and pizza afterwards. In my personal experience, cutting out an entire food group, or depriving yourself completely of foods you really enjoy is setting yourself up for failure.

So before you consider hoisting yourself up on the next fad-wagon, maybe try simply cutting back on the sugars, glutens etc vs. eliminating them. That along with a healthy dose of exercise and you just might be surprised at the results.

You know, I would LOVE to see my weight loss tracker moving faster, I do want this weight gone. But at the same time, I know going at the slow and steady rate that I am, doing what I am doing is preparing me to eat and exercise like this for a lifetime. What I am doing is something that I can keep on doing and not feel like a failure when I give in to the occasional pizza or cookie.



When deciding whether to buy certain products, remember that a small amount of a “natural” product is usually healthier than any, especially a large, amount of a manufactured product. Example: Butter vs. Margarine. Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners.


Weigh-In Day, Week 15

Hey faithful followers. Not much to report this week. Up a bit, no loss and I’m under the weather. Not sure if I’m dealing with a cold or some nasty seasonal allergies thanks to all the lovely snow mould out on the yard but either way, I’m hoping the weight gain is a result of that and therefore just a temporary one. Be back when I’m better.

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